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The Department of Mathematics is established to train the students to become competent professionals and researchers by earning M.Phil/ PhD. degree in Mathematics through the eminent faculty, state of the art facilities and infrastructure of international standards. We are committed to provide outstanding education to our research scholars in accordance with principles of the University mission. The research activities are planned in modern areas of mathematics to find solutions of current mathematical problems.


The Department of Mathematics is one of the primary departments of the University of Lahore. Its initial setup was laid down and class work started when this university opened her gates for her students to learn and grow. The Department realises its responsibility to ensure long term vitality of mathematical sciences; that it should foster the development of mathematical scientists as future scholars, teachers, researchers and organisational leaders.


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05 September,2018

Mid term Fall 2018 is in progress...

08 April,2018

Medals win by Mathematics

05 March,2018

Al Biruni Society of Mathematics